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Reese Joins Midwest Motoring!

It's always nice when you and your significant other share a common passion. Matt's wife Reese is every bit as much a British car nut as he is (their first date immediately followed a Chicago Mini Motoring Club drive she was on), but she also grew up doing offroad racing in the form of motocross and supermoto. It's not little British cars, but the Polaris RS1 she's running is a hoot to watch... so expect the same LBC related content you're already enjoying, PLUS some occasional videos and posts about her exploits! We're not sure if this will be on the same page or channel, but we'll keep you posted in case you want to follow along. Other than that, you can expect Matt to not be so lonely on the YouTube channel, since she may be helping with some upcoming car reviews. Stay tuned!

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