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Midwest Motoring releases customized tool kits!

I must have spent hours trolling the internet for a mechanic tool set that was based around SAE tools, and that included pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches... but not one of the "master" tool kits that cost $7,000. This was supposed to go in the boot, and was intended to fix things that might go wrong on a road trip. I drive my cars frequently, and that means putting groceries or a brief case or golf clubs in the back. Space is at a premium, and no one wants to hear rattling tools in a blow molded case.

A tool roll was the obvious solution, but no one sells one of these with the tools that I needed. As a result, my obsessive need for a "travel tool set" has created a convenient option for you! Check out the "Gear" tab at the top. You'll have t-shirts and such available soon, but you can order your tool kit today!

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