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Midwest Motoring for Hire

Did you know that, in addition to creating videos online to help you with tech support, Midwest Motoring can often rebuild components or help you work on your car? If you're frustrated with your SUs and that "professional" rebuild still isn't doing the trick, maybe it's time to dig a little deeper. After all, our mission is to get your car on the road so it can be actively enjoyed!

Our rates are hourly, and our process is all about good communication. We can ship many parts back and forth, getting you what you need without needing to travel. Is your distributor distributing properly? Let us help you find out. Advance mechanism not advancing? Overdrive not overdriving? Carburetors not... er... carbureting? We can help.

For larger projects (i.e. more time consuming ones), we work on a retainer basis. Put some money down to get started, and just refill it when it gets low. You'll always have a good idea of where you stand, what needs to be done, and your options moving forward.

We'll happily make a recommendation to appropriate sources if anything is ever outside of our expertise.

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