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Need help with your British sports car?  Does your MGA need new brakes?  Is your Spitfire sputtering under acceleration?  Austin-Healey rear axle seals leaking on your brakes?  Or maybe you just need your scheduled maintenance (or don't know what that entails!).  If you're local to the Chicago area, Matt can help.  From mounting and balancing wire wheels to installing an overdrive gearbox, just let us know what you need HERE


We also can rebuild components for British sports car owners just like you, including everything from distributors and SU carburetors, to overdrive gearboxes and complete engines.  For carburetors and distributors, turnaround time is typically about 1 week (plus shipping time), and you can start the process HERE.  Looking to do the work yourself, but want to send parts for cleaning?  We can run most smaller parts (such as carburetors or distributors) through an ultrasonic cleaner and return them to you starting at $25.  Depending on how dirty your parts are to start with, additional cleaning may be necessary, but this can often clean out passages and small openings you might miss with an aerosol can and some rags.  Please ask for details and let us know what you have that we can help with!  

Communication is key, and you can expect frequent updates while your parts are in our possession, often including digital photos, options on which direction to take your project, and phone calls as necessary.  Get in touch here to let us know what you need help with, and we'll see if it makes sense to move forward together!

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