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For Carburetors and Distributors

It's important to contact us first to verify we are able to work with your specific components.  Generally speaking, Zenith-Stromberg CD150 and CD175 carburetors, and various SUs used on British sports cars from the 1950s through the 1980s are within our wheelhouse.  The Lucas or Delco distributors used on the same vehicles are most likely also within our expertise.  If you haven't already made contact to verify for your car, please contact us HERE and start the process.  

As for pricing, our current rates are $125 per hour.  Please make sure the components are at least wiped down to remove most of the grime.  Carb cleaner works great for this.  Also, please fully drain the fuel from your carbs.  Components should be packaged carefully and shipped to:


Midwest Motoring LLC

592 Snow St

Sugar Grove, IL 60554 

Again, please make sure you speak to us first so we know to expect your parts!


For your carburetors:  Most carburetors can be rebuilt in the neighborhood of $250-$350 for a single carb, and $400-$500 for a dual carb setup (including parts).  We do not charge for an initial inspection.  Once received, we'll send photographs with what we find and a more specific quote before we get started.  If you decide not to continue, you're only responsible for return shipping.  

For your distributor:  We'll spin up your unit on our Sun Distributor Tester and get a baseline, then send you our findings.  If your distributor needs work, we'll include an estimate, and will ship it back to you if you decide not to continue.  Otherwise, we will keep you updated with our progress if you decide to move forward.  Testing your distributor costs $20 with a report on your advance curve, which will be applied fully towards any work required if you have us perform services later.  In other words, $20 to verify everything works properly, and we'll provide a more specific estimate if it doesn't.  

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