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Waumandee Time Trials Official Rules


The Waumandee Time Trials event is designed to be a fun social occasion and a test of skill for drivers and their vehicles. Although safety of all involved including drivers, volunteers, and spectators is of the upmost importance and all safety precautions are being taken with consideration for the health and well-being of all involved, due to the nature of the event, there is a risk that property damage, injury, or in very rare occasions death could potentially occur. Participants agree to enter at their own risk. Drivers are required to drive well within their limits, as well as to use all required safety equipment, and to put the safety of others first. No exceptions will be made.


1.       Any driver who receives a moving violation or noise citation in Buffalo County, Wisconsin at any time before, during, or after the event will be immediately disqualified and banned from the current and all future events with no refund. Aggressive or over-the-speed-limit driving on Buffalo County roads that are open to the public will not be tolerated. During the event, our spotters with radar guns will be observing along the return roads to enforce this. 

2.       Any participant (or participant’s vehicle) doing burn-outs or any other reckless driving or conduct anywhere in Buffalo County, Wisconsin at any time before, during, or after the event will be disqualified with no refund and banned from future events. 

3.       Only “vintage” vehicles are allowed. Vintage is defined as 30 years old or older, so this year 1990 and older vehicles are allowed. Replicas and kit cars designed to look like vintage vehicles may be allowed at the discretion of the chief steward.  Newer exotic and sports car vehicles may also be allowed provided they fit the intended character of the event.  For example, a showroom new 2020 Mustang GT may not qualify, but a 93 Alfa Romeo Spider would.  Eligibility will be determined by a multi-member panel vote once your registration is received and processed (typically within a few hours).  You will not be charged (or will receive a prompt and full refund of your registration) if your vehicle is denied by the panel. 

4.       During the event, no alcohol may be consumed by any person in the restricted area. This includes all drivers, passengers, spectators, and workers. No illegal drugs of any kind are allowed in the restricted area at any time. Drivers cannot consume alcohol within 24 hours prior to the event. Anybody suspected of being intoxicated during the event will be ejected from the premises and banned from future events. 

5.       All drivers, passengers, spectators, and workers must sign our liability waiver as they enter the restricted area. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age. Passengers must be at least 12. Only one passenger is allowed per run. Everyone entering the restricted area must follow all safety precautions related to the running of the event, and related to Covid-19, including frequent hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks in any place where social distancing is not possible. Verbal warnings will be given for minor violations of the event’s social distancing policy. Any major, persistent violations of the event’s social distancing policy or violations of the event’s safety standards will result in being ejected and banned from future events. 

6.       Mandatory registration will be open in the paddock from 7:30AM to 8:30AM on the morning of the event. Drivers receive wristbands at registration. Only officially wrist-banded drivers may drive cars on the course. 

7.       A mandatory driver safety meeting will be held at 8:30 on the morning of the event. Drivers who do not attend the entire meeting will be disqualified with no refund. 

8.       Vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition and will be required to pass a safety technical inspection. Participating vehicles must use DOT approved tires (street or race). Driver and passenger must wear working seatbelts (lap belts at least, shoulder belts strongly preferred). 

9.       All drivers must have a current valid driver’s license. 

10.   Helmet use is required for all drivers and passengers. Snell SA2015 certification is strongly recommended. We will NOT provide loaner helmets this year, due to Covid-19, so every driver must bring their own helmet, or share with a family member. “Period correct” helmets may be permitted at the chief steward’s discretion. Helmets should be presented to the chief steward when registering for inspection if unsure. 

11.   Non-synthetic clothing (cotton, wool, leather, etc.) covering the torso, upper arms, and legs is required. Nomex (fire resistant) clothing is fine too. Drivers must wear close-toed shoes. No high heels. 

12.   Each entrant must place car numbers (readable from 200 feet) on both sides of the vehicle. Number color must contrast distinctly from car color. 

13.   Convertible tops may be either up or down. Windows must be either all the way up or all the way down. Side curtain windows are optional. 

14.   No spectators are allowed within 50 feet of the course while the event is in progress, unless they are wearing a neon safety vest and standing at a corner worker station with the worker’s permission. All spectators and workers must remain on the uphill side of the course, at least four feet above the level of the pavement. No one is allowed on the downhill side of the course at any time, except in the paddock, where everyone must remain at least 50 feet away from the course, and behind the yellow markers. 

15.   Participants will be held legally and financially responsible for any damage they cause at the event site. 

16.   Timing is done via a radio/stopwatch system and is the only official time. Every driver’s first run will not be timed. Use your first run to learn the course and the chicane placement, NOT to race. 

17.   Cones and hay bale chicanes will be used to reduce speeds on the course. Hitting a cone, or moving a hay bale more than three inches, will add two seconds to your recorded time for that run, and is an indication that you are not in proper control of your vehicle, so you will be put on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION. Hitting more than one cone or hay bale during the day, even on your first (untimed) run, will result in an immediate BLACK FLAG and your course driving privileges for the day will terminate at that moment with no refund. DON’T HIT CONES OR HAY BALES! The first chicane near the starting line is exempt from the probation/black flag rule, but the two second rule applies to all cones and hay bales. 

18.   Any driver who puts even one wheel off the pavement while driving the course will be immediately disqualified and lose course driving privileges for the day (black flagged) with no refund. STAY ON THE PAVEMENT! 

19.   Any driver who is determined to be driving in an unreasonably reckless or dangerous manner shall immediately be disqualified and lose course driving privileges for the day (black flagged). 

20.   If a vehicle crashes while driving the course and it is determined by the chief steward that it presents a safety or fire or environmental concern, standby towing services will be used to relocate the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle will be required to pay a reasonable and customary fee for the extraction and towing service. If, however, the crashed vehicle is far enough away from the course such that the chief steward determines that it does not pose a safety concern, and there is no threat of fire, and it is not damaging the environment by leaking fluids, then that vehicle will remain in its crashed location until the end of the day, so as not to unduly delay other drivers from making their runs. 

21.   If you crash, turn off your ignition as soon as your car comes to a stop. Wait in your car with your helmet on and seat belt fastened (unless your car is on fire) until help arrives. 

22.   We will have a standby ambulance on site. If a person requires transport from the event site via ambulance, the event will be suspended until a replacement ambulance arrives on site. No refunds will be issued for event interruption or cancellation due to ambulance use. 

23.   After their runs, drivers are required to drive SLOWLY along the public return roads back to the paddock. Driving distance from the finish line back to the paddock is 7.4 miles and takes less than 12 minutes when driven below the SPEED LIMIT of 45 miles per hour. Follow the pink arrows. The return roads will be patrolled by our volunteers with radar guns. At 45MPH or below, the radar operators will give a thumbs up and a smile. Since many vintage cars have inaccurate speedometers, 46-49 gets a courtesy “slow down” gesture but will not be reported. At a speed of 50-59 the driver will be shown the “SLOW DOWN 45” sign and will be put on double secret probation. Over 49 a second time, the driver will be BLACK FLAGGED. Done for the day. 60MPH or above even once will also result in an immediate black flag. That driver will no longer be allowed to drive the course. DRIVE SLOWLY BACK TO THE PADDOCK! The speed limit on Hwy 88 is 55MPH, so increase the above criteria by 10MPH for Hwy 88 only. 

24.   The event will end at 5:30pm, or when all remaining drivers have taken a total of six runs each, whichever comes first. 

25.   There are no classes, places, or trophies. Drivers who attend the awards ceremony will receive a paper certificate listing their fastest time on the course. 

26.   Times will only be revealed at the awards ceremony after the event is over. Drivers who approach within 30 feet of the timers, or otherwise bother them about times during the day will be disqualified with no refund. 

27.   The chief steward and event management staff will have complete discretion to deny any driver the privilege to participate in the event and/or to remove any person from the event restricted area for any reason with no refund. 

28.   Rules interpretation will be at the sole discretion of the chief steward. Rules may be changed, amended, or created as necessary at the chief steward’s discretion. 

29.   This year we have a new paddock located at the BOTTOM of Blank Hill Road, near the intersection with Hwy 88. The easternmost 2.5 miles of Blank Hill Road will be closed early on the morning of the event, so do NOT use Blank Hill Road to get to the drivers meeting. Do not drive through the “Road Closed” signs at the top of Blank Hill Road. You will be disqualified if you drive on the course before it is officially open. Use Hwy 88 instead. There is no address for the paddock, since it is a farm field. It is located along Hwy 88, just north of the intersection with Blank Hill Road, and County Hwy E, four miles southwest of Waumandee, Wisconsin. 

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